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Voice Coil Motors Voice Coil actuators are the best choice if proportional position control (bi-directional), high speed, high efficiency or controllability are important in your application.

Rotary Solenoids Rotary on/off type actuators, normally with return spring; also bistable rotary solenoidss available: holding torque with no current applied!

Linear Solenoids Linear on/off type actuators; we supply push/pull solenoids (optimised for high holding force), tubular solenoids (optimised for long stroke, also as 3-position-solenoids), open frame solenoids (low cost versions, also as 3-position- solenoids) and proportional solenoids (for position control).

Hybrid Stepping Motors cost-effective high torque stepper family in sizes Nema 8, 11, 14, 17, 23, 34, 42: smooth operation, high speed, 4 or 8 leads, custom versions possible; also 3-phase version available

Electromagnets we supply two versions: standard electro magnets, where the magnetic field is produced by putting current into a coil, and Holding magnet with electrical release (HMER), where the flux is generated by a permanent magnet (to turn off the attraction force the coil needs to be energised so that it produces a flux in the opposite direction which cancels the field of the permanent magnet). Holding magnet (SMPD) use a permanent magnet also to generate the flux - but there is no option to switch it off.

Custom Designs Many applications can be solved very well with standard products or modified versionsof those. But our key competence is the design and development of advanced solutions which integrate with your application - the next generation of actuation solutions!

Control circuits Control circuits help the user to optimise excitation condition for a solenoid device to achieve force and speed with minimum excitation power and to see the response speed of the device!

Haptic actuators The next generation of actuation solutions!

Videos Presentation videos!

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